John Happel

John Happel

Thornton, CO   USA


(H) 303-450-7853 (O) 303-450-7

John (also known as Amin) is an IAM teacher and mentor. He has been a student of Sufism for more than 30 years, for most of that time as a friend and student of Puran Bair. John's constant work is to remain attuned to the energy and feeling of one's heart while living and working in the world.

John's background is in construction, engineering and business. He started
and currently leads a successful design-build construction company. Along with Dilsha, his wife and business partner and their employees, they add beauty to the world with each project they build. In his work he tries to create harmony and balance between the often conflicting demands of employees, subcontractors, suppliers and clients.

"I see in every person God's blueprint. My work is to help them and myself manifest God's plan. I believe that success and happiness is our birthright."

"The work of the heart is the most important work of today. Everyone is searching for a light to guide them on their path through life. Heart rhythm meditation can provide this light. I am delighted and honored to be asked to teach and to share some of what I have learned along this path with other students."

John is a Professional Engineer (PE). He has a MS and BS degree in civil & structural engineering and a BS in environmental science. He has served on numerous volunteer boards including the Institute for Applied Meditation, The Remodelers Council of Denver and the Home Builders Association in Denver along with the Adams County Association for Gifted and Talented Children. He and his wife Dilsha have three sons.